Each year we conduct a limited breeding program using the most outstanding, authentic and healthiest of dogs in the breed, placing our puppies in carefully selected homes. We request that a reservation be made, and frequently there is a waiting list for our puppies. If you are interested in obtaining a DRAKYI puppy, please contact us for information on our upcoming litters, whelped annually each winter. Prices vary depending on classification (pet or show/breeding quality), and we specialize in the giant, mastiff "Tsang Khyi" type, in the full spectrum of breed colors. We occasionally have show or pet quality adolescent and adult dogs for sale, and rescue dogs for rehoming.  We welcome a visit, your questions and comments.  Below, a sampling of the quality, type and colors of puppies we offer.

Signature Drakyi puppiesSignature Drakyi puppies


Zena, Prince and Dom wearing the traditional Tibetan "Kekhor" yak-haired collar. 


      Judah at 3 months



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For more details on current litters and for reserving a puppy,   email us at:  drakyitms@aol.com  or call (661)274-2220


2015 Drakyi Tibetan Mastiffs