Some photos from 1978 to the present . . .



Where it all began...In 1979 at my first dog show with my first TM, (top left)

Langtang Kalu "Kutra" of Dokyi (from Ann Rohrer's Kalu x Lola litter)


Judging abroad in Taiwan and China

Above left 1992/Taiwan, Above right 1993/Taiwan, both CTMA Specialties

Below left 1997/Taiwan, Below right 1999/Shenyang, China (THEE first American judge to judge in China!)


      Below my 2000 trip to Holland to pick out Loka from the Senge x Vajra litter, pictured

       with our exports there, Drakyi Black Princess Sundari and World Ch. Drakyi Senge Sundari.

     A breeder gathering with Marchel Verschaeren, Jarmila Bendova, Susanne Ojala, me and Blanka Michel.   


      Below, the 2000 TMCA National Specialty with my Czech import Best of Breed, Brita Pritel Lesa, "Rita,"

with Dreamer as TMCA's 2001 National Veteran Dog, and with Drakyi Rajah Gaj, 2001 National RWD.


            The 2002 TMCA National Best of Breed AND Best Opposite Puppy, Senge and Star/Karma,

and 5 month old Dragon reluctantly trying on a traditional Tibetan kekhor for size.


  Below left, Drakyi Tupac Shakur, "Shaq," and co-breeder Corinne Foster, taking his first ARBA Best in Show Puppy

BBBelow right Drakyi Kimba (Barnes x Ebony) with his first ARBA Best in Show Puppy-Reserve


     Proudly owner-handling Multi Ch. Edgi Ganden Monge, "Senge," to a 2002 ARBA Group 2

and a 2004 ARBA Best in Show, and a 2002 ARBA WD for Ch. Drakyi Darth Vader Minbari


 Below, Summer 2007, judging Best of Breed and Best in Show for the

40th anniversary of the KTR's Tibetan Breeds extravaganza in Erzhausen, Germany B



OcOctober 2007, judging in Anyang, China, with fellow AKC Judge Carolyn Alexander and longtime breeder friend,

 Wu Shinn-Shyong of YiJyChu Kennel in Taiwan.  Yes, my Best in Show won a car!


WBelow with Tibetan Mastiff Research Center founder and honored friends, Wang Zangkui, Mrs. Wang,

Taiwan's Wu Shinn-Shyong, and my most treasured gift, 7 month old Playboy.

A Great Wall, great friends and some great dogs! 




Below left with my Chinese counterpart,  lifelong friend and TM "Brother," Chang Peihua.  

 Also, a gathering at the beautiful, traditional home of Beijing TM club Chairman Yue (far left)


Always the warmest of welcomes for special guests

 With the former Mayor of Lhasa, Tibet, lifelong TM breeder Luo Go, Mrs. Luo, and Carolyn Alexander

TToasting to new brothers, to good health, to ancestors, to basically everything. "Cam-pei!" (Bottom's Up)

One of many highlights to my trip, a visit to the studio of renowned Chinese artist, Liu Ze.


Liu Ze unravels the beginning of a 300 foot mural of Tibetan Mastiffs!  I was speechless.


June 2008, with friends Allan Reznik and Andrew DePrisco,

and below with Urve Arik and Christofer Habig in Stockholm, Sweden, for the World Dog Show.



September 2008 visiting Wuhan and Beijing, a dedication ceremony for a new kennel and to import new, exclusive Tibetan lines. 


Special gifts from most honored friends



September, 2009, the world came to Drakyi!  Pictured with me, and with Efraín, very special TM breeder friends

Gerard and Wina from Holland, Jan and Ivana from the Czech Republic, and Susanne Ojala from Finland.



class="style2"> OOne of the highlights of my 30+ years in the breed, judging a record entry of 111 Tibetan Mastiffs in May 2010 in the Czech Republic







class="style2"> TYYet to from my February 2011 judging assignment in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China!  Stay tuned...



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