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Dear Tibetan Mastiff Fancier,

Along with partner/associate Efraín Valle, trainer/handler Candice Wolfe, puppy behavioralist Lori Hurtado and professional handlers Michael & Linda Brantley, we would like to welcome you to Drakyi Tibetan Mastiffs!  On this site you will find an abundance of information and pages filled with photos to give you a broad overview of the breed, and to introduce you to the fabled Tibetan Mastiffs at DRAKYI.

"I first became interested in the Tibetan Mastiff in 1978 after seeing the breed featured in the cover article of an issue of Life Magazine entitled "Rare Breed Dogs of the World." My interest soon led me to the home of Ann Rohrer, breed and club co-founder in the United States, where I met the majestic "Kalu," became a founding member of The American Tibetan Mastiff Association (ATMA), and met my beloved "Kutra," the TM who inspired my lifelong Tibetan Mastiff journey.  Little did I know what lay in store for me, now with 30+ years as an owner/breeder/handler/author/lecturer and judge of Tibetan Mastiffs. DRAKYI Tibetan Mastiffs was founded in 1975 with breed associates Ray and Linda Larsen of "Dragonquest" TMs, later to be joined by me with my original "Dokyi" prefix. The prefix amalgamation, DRA-KYI ("Dragon Dogs"), has been used exclusively since 1982.  Efraín joined me at Drakyi in 2000.  My involvement with these wonderful dogs has taken me around the world, there procuring outstanding representatives of the breed from numerous breeder-friends, all of which have contributed to my signature line of dogs and the many ongoing successes of the DRAKYI breeding program."

Our goal in breeding the Tibetan Mastiff is to protect, preserve and produce the historic, original MASTIFF-"Tsang Khyi" type in the breed, to educate the public and judges alike, and to see the breed regain its rightful ancestral place in the canine world. Foundational to most of the flock and working breeds, historically the Tibetan Mastiff should be a giant, powerful dog of sound structure and temperament, ideally suited for the same family, property and flock guarding duties today in the West as they were in Tibet in days gone by.

As the founding breeder for the many TM kennels throughout the world, we continue to offer correct and outstanding healthy examples of what history has revealed the breed should be, combined with unsurpassed experience and involvement with the Tibetan Mastiff.

Please enjoy your tour through this website and contact us by E-mail or by phone with your questions and comments.  We welcome your reply.


Rick Eichhorn



Drakyi Tibetan Mastiffs

1620 Eagle Butte Road
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To see some photos of Rick's TM travels, showing and judging, please  Click here

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