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At DRAKYI, our commitment is and always has been to produce the finest, healthiest and most historically correct examples of the breed, whether to serve as family guardians and companions, to found breeding programs worldwide, and/or to participate in canine competitive events. The following photos are of some of the most noteworthy Specialty and Best in Show wins of our most successful exhibition dogs.  This is where it all began for me in 1979...at my first show with my first TM, the Kalu daughter, Kutra, and now...four decades and 15 to 20-some generations later with our show-winning champion, Prince.

Then…  Rick and Kutra   and nowRick and Prince 


Premiere MBIS Grand CH. Drakyi Gold Standard, MIDAS

Once in a decade a special multiple Group and Best in Show winning dog is born.  That dog is our golden boy, MIDAS. Co-owned with handlers Michael and Linda Brantley, MIDAS finished his AKC championship undefeated in the classes with three majors and a Group win, taking BOB over #1 ranked specials.  And that was only the beginning. From 2007-2009, MIDAS set the standard for the breed as the top winning AKC Tibetan Mastiff of all time, setting the template and raising the bar for all future show winners to come.  As the pioneering breed ambassador, his trail-blazing accomplishments include:


The first TM to win an AKC Best in Show, & first multi-Best in Show 

The first and only TM to place in the Westminster Kennel Club Working Group (2009)

The 2007 Eukanuba Tournament of Champions Bred By Exhibitor Best of Breed

The 2008 AKC National Specialty Best Opposite Sex

The 2008 & 2009 Eukanuba Award of Excellence and a five-time Crufts qualifier.

The #1 All-Breed TM for 2008 & 2009 and #2 for 2010 and #2 Breed TM for 2008-2010. 

The 2009 Best of Breed and a Group 4 at the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club

The 2010 Award of Merit at the 134th Westminster Kennel Club in 2010

The 2011 Best of Breed at the 135th Westminster Kennel Club

The 2013 National Specialty Best Veteran and Award of Merit







AKC CH. Drakyi Prince of Dragons, PRINCE

At 14 months of age, PRINCE made his debut in the AKC show ring at the 2009 Tibetan Mastiff National Specialty taking Winner's Dog and Best of Winner's and Bred By Exhibitor BOB!  An incredibly proud moment for me and for this promising young dog, earning his first AKC major.  Just nine months earlier, PRINCE was crippled by a near fatal rattlesnake bite to his left shoulder.  That he should be alive and walking normally, let alone be taking national titles, is a true testament to the vigor and vitality of this dog and this ancient breed.  Our thanks to judges Mrs. Terry Berrios, Dr. Klaus Anselm,  Mr. Houston Clark and Mr. Walter Pinsker for recognizing his quality, and finishing him from the Bred By Exhibitor class with all majors.




picture of prince picture of prince

Drakyi Deva Dharma, DHARMA

Making her show debut at just 11 months at the 2010 Tibetan Mastiff National Specialty under FCI breed specialist judge Paul Stanton, DHARMA distinguished herself by capturing a 3 point major over Specials as Best Opposite Sex/Best of Winners/Winners Bitch AND Best of Breed Puppy Sweeps from the 9-12 month bitch class! A stunning achievement for any youngster, making her presence known on the national level.  From the Laz x Chen Chen breeding, DHARMA joins littermates Ch. Siren,  and Genghis and Jazz (pictured middle below) on the TM show circuit. 



BISS CH. Timberline Barni Drakyi, BARNES       

In late 2007, BARNES took the TM world by storm, making his show debut at almost seven years of age, finishing his AKC championship undefeated from the classes, making the cut for the prestigious Eukanuba Top 25 dogs in the breed for the year, and finishing 2007 as the #8 TM in the breed!!!  BARNES was the only TM male in the breed to receive the coveted Award of Excellence at the 2007 Eukanuba Tournament of Champions.  Many thanks to co-owner/breeder and friend Charlie Radcliffe for this sharing this remarkable dog with us.  BARNES, a multiple breed specialty and Working Group winner, is an ambassador that represents the correct breed standard ideal, educating the public and judges alike with this massive size and bone, powerful and purposeful movement, his lion-like coat and exceptional temperament and head type.  He joins generations of his champion offspring and is the top producer of AKC champions in the breed. 



BARNES was the #1 TM in the breed for 2008, a multiple Working Group winner, and in 2008, the 1st Tibetan Mastiff to make history by winning the coveted Westminster Best of Breed! BARNES is also the sire/grandsire of the 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2013  Westminster Best of Breed winners!







 AKC CH. Drakyi Resurrection, LAZ

Named for the beloved friend of Jesus who was raised from the dead, LAZ was a stillborn puppy that I just could not let go. He was perfect in every way, and looked like he should be awake and taking his first breaths of life, but he laid motionless.  Some thirty minutes later, in what seemed like a lifetime, his limbs finally began to twitch, irregular gasps of air were taken and faint cries were heard as I held him in the palm of my hand and continued to give him 'mouth to muzzle' CPR.  The first three days as Mother Nature worked her magic in re-routing his brain function, I had to hold him on the teat to stimulate his nursing reflex.  Then, suddenly, he began to thrive on his own, and the rest is breed history.  To this day, he puts his face in mine, bonded by his first memory and the breath of life.  A 'Best in Show' dog in his own backyard, LAZ continues to distinguished himself as the sire of outstanding examples of the breed. His magnificent head, excellent type and loving temperament are a testimony to his breeding.  He is the #1 AKC champion-producing Tibetan Mastiff for 2010.




Our up and coming show phenomenon, by 11 months, Adonis had BURST onto the AKC show scene, finishing his championship with all majors and with a breed-history making Group 2 and Group 4 win!  Then, at only 13 months, the youngest TM in breed history to not only win one Group, but to win BACK TO BACK Group 1 wins!!!  Co-owned with Gayle Harvie, Adonis is presented by PHA Handlers Michael and Linda Brantley.  Following in the HUGE PAWS of Uncle Midas (Westminster 2009 BOB/G4, 2010 AOM & 2011 BOB) and Grandpa Barnes (Westminster 2008 BOB), we continue to expect much and will give Adonis every opportunity to shine.                               

AKC CH. Drakyi Dreamlover, ADONIS     

  ADONIS GROUP 1 Adonis Group 1


AKC/TMCA/ARBA/BISS Master Ch. Drakyi Loki

The massive, regal, rich red show and stud dog, LOKI, is a classic example of the Drakyi ideal, linebred on our famous foundation male, Simba.  LOKI has an impressive list of FIRSTS at the Breed, Group and Best in Show levels under the care and professional handling expertise of Michael and Linda Brantley.  Owned by Debbie Parsons Slayton and co-bred by Corinne Foster, his awards include becoming the first AKC Miscellaneous Best in Show in AKC history (All breeds, Palm Springs KC, Jan. 2005), taking Best of Winners at the 2005 National AND Regional Specialty, is the 2006 National Specialty Best of Breed, winner of the prestigious Award of Merit at the 2007 AKC National Specialty and LOKI is Drakyi's first AKC Champion and the first AKC Specialty winner in breed history (January, 2007). LOKI...the Best of Breed at the 2007 Eukanuba Tournament of Champions...the #1 TM male for 2007, the #1 AKC Champion Sire for 2008...the 2009 National Specialty Veteran & Stud Dog... and the sire of the 2009, 2010 AND 2011 National Specialty Best of Breed winners!!! 







Grand Champion Drakyi Legend of Olympus, ZEUS

ZEUS, son of Ch. Drakyi Prince of Dragons and Ch. Buddha's Legend's Dollywood is all about style and class.  This boy was bred to be in the show ring, serving as an ambassador for the breed.  His large size, muscular conformation, beautiful head and breed type are framed in a glistening, lion-like jet black coat and mane.  Full of life and a loving spirit, ZEUS welcomes everyone who comes to visit.





Yesterday and Today's Winners... and Tomorrow's Champions


GCH Drakyi Lion of Judah

(Drakyi Dawa Dominus x Drakyi La Leona)





AKC Ch. Drakyi Timberline Moxie

(Drakyi Dawa Dominus x Drakyi La Leona)





BISS AKC Ch. Drakyi Aura of Simba at Dawa

A rising star, making her debut at 3 months as the 2006 National Specialty Best of Breed Puppy!  Then at 13 months she was the youngest TM in breed history to finish her AKC Championship, and the #2 TM female in the breed for 2007 and in the Top 5 for 2008. AURA was one of the first TM females to take Best of Breed wins at a Tibetan Mastiff specialty and to be a multiple Group winners.  AURA'S large size, heavy bone, outstanding breed type and stunning golden color represent the signature Drakyi ideal. AURA is the dam of our premiere stud dog, DOMINUS, and she was the #1 Top Producing AKC Dam for 2010!!!



AKC Ch. Drakyi Showstopper Mojo

MOJO joins an impressive list of Drakyi conformation winners.  Owned by Ray and Gayle Harvie, at only 19 months, 30"/150 lbs.,

one of the few correct dogs in the breed that combines the giant, prized historic size and type with sound structure and movement.  




AKC CH. Drakyi Showstopper Trixie

Excelling in correct mastiff breed type, the beautiful Drakyi linebred Barnes daughter TRIXIE joins a long line of Drakyi AKC champions.  She is co-owned and handled by Ray and Gayle Harvie of Showstopper TMs.


                                                                          Trixie taking one of her Best of Winner's major wins                      Trixie, her sire Barnes, and niece Aura

AKC CH. Drakyi Showstopper Boomer

A Barnes grandson, the beautiful red-gold BOOMER, a blend of Drakyi and imported Tibetan lines, is the 2009 National Specialty Best Opposite Sex!  Our thanks to Judge Terry Berrios for this prestigious win. Showing the correct type and balance sought after in the breed, Boomer is handled by Don Rodgers, PHA .  Boomer is co-bred and co-owned by Richard Eichhorn & Ray and Gayle Harvie of Showstopper TMs.



Drakyi Loverboy, ROMEO

(Ch.Drakyi Jetsan Starr x Ch. Drakyi Chomolunga)

Romeo Winners Dog

Drakyi Dominasia of Kandira, ATHENA

(Drakyi Dawa Dominus x Drakyi Kodari Asia)

Owned by Drakyi associate and friend Candace Wolf, Athena combines the giant size, type, soundness and temperament that are the hallmarks of the Drakyi breeding program.  With both of her AKC majors, we look forward to adding the champion title to her name.


 Ch. Drakyi Heart of a Lion, KIMBO

(Drakyi Resurrection x Anapurna Drakyi z Kaskay)

 KIMBO, co-owned with Gayle Harvie, earned his AKC championship from the puppy classes.  His correct head type, solid structure, balance and stunning red/gold color are hallmarks of his outstanding pedigree.  





Ch. Drakyi Nightsong, SIREN


Drakyi Great Khan, GENGHIS  




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